Concept & Vision

Concept & Vision

“Active Club has been unique in its concept for over 30 years”.

In an attractively furnished club you will train with up to seven other guests under the guidance of a personal coach in an atmosphere that suits you and inspires you. Hygiene, the right choice of music and service-oriented staff will make you feel at home.

Most people can’t get fit, stay and be alone. Our coaches will inspire and guide you with every visit. Together with you, we make an action plan that is tailored to your personal physical situation. The core of the plan is the interpretation of your training sessions. We work on your strength, condition, suppleness and possible injuries. Training forms that we use include cardio training, crossfit, pilates, medical training, yoga and balance & core training.

Active Club is there for the fit fanatic strength athlete, but certainly also for the older guests who come for general fitness and the personal atmosphere.

Fit people have more time

Fit people work faster and perform better at work. That’s why we have developed special fitness and wellness programs for companies. We make you a tailor-made proposal, fully adapted to the situation of your company and your employees. A good investment in your staff, you get enthusiastic, productive employees in return!


Active Club Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 82
1015 CT Amsterdam

020 620 05 22

Active Club Eindhoven
Kleine Berg 12
5611 JV Eindhoven

040 843 61 54

Rehabilitation for Oncology, Heart Rehabilitation, and Diabetes

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