Personal training

Personal training

Do you want to become a better version of yourself? Activeclub helps you with that. With two beautiful clubs in prime locations in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, we help you achieve your physical goals. There is always plenty of room for personal attention. Your personal training is precisely dosed: we offer you the right balance between effort and relaxation!

Need a personal trainer?

Just having a gym membership is not enough to achieve your goals. To really see results, it’s important to sit down with a personal trainer. In an introductory meeting, a personal trainer maps out your goals and creates a personalized plan based on them. Of course, the personal coach always takes into account your medical background and physical condition. Get started with varied exercises while a personal trainer motivates and corrects you.

Training at the right level

To ensure that you train at the right level, there are a number of factors we take into account. Your heart rate is closely monitored. In addition, we pay attention to flexibility, balance, muscle strength and condition. Your body composition is measured so that you know where your personal coach can give attention.
Do you have any complaints? We give you the right exercises to help the vulnerable structures recover and strengthen. A nutrition analysis gives you insight into the quality of your food. Based on this, we give you advice to optimize your nutrition for your goals.

A more active life starts today

Do you want to become a better version of yourself? Stop procrastinating and work with a personal trainer to achieve your goals. Without planning, there is no structure in your plan. That’s why a personal trainer will help you find fixed times to train and motivate you. This provides structure and support in your daily life. A personal trainer will guide you towards a more active life.

How can we help you?

In a spacious gym, you can train with a maximum of 8 people at the same time, so one of our personal trainers is always ready to guide you during your workout. All of our trainers and physical therapists hold a bachelor’s degree and have the necessary experience. This allows them to always inspire and motivate you appropriately.

Hire a personal trainer!

Do you also want guidance from a professional personal trainer? Pay a visit to one of our atmospherically decorated clubs where you will definitely feel at home. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment for a meeting. We look forward to seeing you

Flexibility & Balance

Varied training consisting of exercises aimed at the flexibility of muscles and joints, and challenging exercises to practice body balance and the stability of the joints in the legs, spine, and arms. Important for a relaxed, upright posture that can be maintained for a long time. “Yoga” and “Pilates” exercises.

Core training

Functional exercises that mainly train the muscles of the trunk. Core stability is particularly important to transfer forces from legs to arms (and vice versa) and to prevent back pain. A sturdy trunk muscle structure also helps you maintain a good posture. “Queenax” and “Kinesis” exercises.

Conditioning Training

Mainly to train the condition of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. From gentle to intense training that challenges the increase and recovery of the heart rate. Training on bike, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, and stairmaster.

Interval Training

Exercises using one’s own body and small exercise equipment. The pace of the exercises is high and they need to be performed within a certain time. Also “crossfit” and “HIIT” trainings fall under this category. Skillmill/skillrun/airbike/skiergometer.

Strength, Shape & Muscle Tone

Training of muscles for strength and muscle tension. Specific muscles but also muscle groups or muscle chains; “compound” or composite exercises where multiple muscle groups are trained at the same time. For specific muscles, exercises are done with Matrix and Technogym equipment.

Muscle Endurance

Exercises with relatively light weight and many repetitions.

Maximal Power

If you really want to increase your strength, we can test and train your maximal power. Also known as “overload” training. Supersets with a lot of variation in weight and number of repetitions, where you do what you can do. Of course, within all safety standards for healthy movement.


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