“Active Club has been unique in its concept for over 30 years”.

Meet the trainers who are active within our organization in both Amsterdam and Eindhoven.


Yvonne Lemmen

Nasm, Fitvak, Less Mills educated.
Nutrition Analysis and Life Style Coach

“Making people feel good about themselves”

Shauni Hermans

Physiotherapist, Personal Coach, Crossfit, HIIT, Bouldering, Dancing.

“Sport is my hobby! Good for body and mind!”.

Anna van Wijngaarden

Personal Coach, hockey, gymnastics and “bikini fitness”.

“Getting the best out of everyone”

Nick Wien

Student Physiotherapy, overload training, gymnastics, surfed at top level. Specialist in weightlifting and olympic exercises.

“There’s always a challenge”

Livia de Vries

Student Physiotherapy

All style’s of dance, streetdance, hiphop, classic.
“Train people in such a way that it makes them happy”

Vincent Wicherink

Personal Coach, co owner Active Club Amsterdam, Sports Acadamy Groningen.

“Inspiring people to healthy behaviors and, as a coach, helping them to do so in the longer term. Sport is not without humor”

Jem Amanupunnjo

Personal Coach, Cios educated, EMS trainer, Overload Top A, Nasm, Personal Hormonal Profiling.

“Making people feel the joy of exercise”

Dana de Groot

Student Physiotherapy, Gymnastics on high level.

“Getting people to exercise at the right dose and motivating them to stay fit”

Jonas Willinge Gratama

Founder and owner Active Club concept. Physiotherapist, Sports with oncology, diabetes and chronic pain problems.

“The body is made to move, function determines form, sport as medicine”

Rehabilitation for Oncology, Heart Rehabilitation, and Diabetes

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Jonas van Active Club

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