Personal Training

Working on what you consider important. Addressing and preventing physical complaints, but also working towards a specific goal.

Medical training

Both physical complaints and mental health issues can be positively impacted by exercise, if properly dosed and performed correctly. You can count on the expertise of our coaches, they will give you confidence. It’s not about what you can’t do, but about what you can do.

Vitality & Corporate Fitness

Going to work full of energy and having enough time to recover optimally can be challenging in a time where fewer people have to do more work and often within a limited time frame.


Of course, it’s important to become fit by eating and drinking healthily and not more than what is necessary.


For all complaints related to your “movement apparatus,” you can come to us for treatment.

Online coaching

Do you prefer to do your workouts elsewhere or at home?

Rehabilitation for Oncology, Heart Rehabilitation, and Diabetes

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