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Personal Training Coaching Therapy

Active Club stands for personal training and coaching. Whether it is about improving your physical performance, recovering from an illness or maintaining your health. Personal Training at a beautiful location with the best equipment and under the guidance of physiotherapists and professional personal coaches.

The concept is unique! Train with the attention you need. Up to 8 people train at the same time in a spacious fitness room. Always varied exercises, tailored to your training goal. You will be corrected, motivated and rewarded with a very satisfied feeling after every training. Come and try it out ?



Working on what you think is important. Fixing and preventing complaints, but also working on a specific goal.


Both physical and psychological complaints are positively influenced by movement, if correctly dosed and carried out. You can count on the expertise of our coaches, they give you confidence. It is not about what you cannot do, but about what you can do.


Go to work full of energy and have enough time to recover optimally. Pretty tricky at a time when fewer people have to do more work. And often within a certain time


To get fit, it is of course important that you eat and drink healthily and not more than you need. What, how much and at what time of the day determines what will happen with this food.

Vision & Mission

To be fit and stay fit, is very difficult to do on your own. Everyone knows what he or she must do to get fit. But finding the balance between enjoying life and investing in vitality is not easy. Coaches from Active Club inspire you to exercise in a varied way and guide you through a plan made for you personally. This not only concerns training in the gym, but also the attention to the balance between time for exercise and relaxation. Time for sleep, rest, work, social, time for yourself, time for exercise. We will stay in touch with you, even if you don't feel like it or if your attention is elsewhere. We will contact you and help you pick up the discipline again. This way we also coach remotely and keep the focus on your objective.


Active Club works with a unique concept. A coach guides a maximum of 8 people at the same time. This means there is sufficient attention for you personally. Your coach gives you all the exercises, ensures that you perform them well and that the intensity is adjusted to your training goal and level. The peaceful atmosphere, the beautiful space and personal contact ensures that you follow your training in a pleasant way.

Intake and monthly evaluation.

In a personal introduction we give you a tour through our club and tell you about the possibilities and our methods. We offer you a trial training in which you can experience how it feels at Active Club. Hereby the coaches also get an impression of your fitness level. We discuss a number of questions regarding your health such as; What should we take into account (old and current physical complaints)?, What is your sports history and what are your wishes? At a later stage we measure, if desired, your condition and body composition and discuss with you what is needed to make your wishes feasible. From this we make a total plan, which is tackled in phases. Your progress and health data are evaluated with you on a monthly basis.


The coaches make a personal plan for you considering your medical background, current physical condition and your wishes for the future determine the approach. This also includes the advice of the coaches themselves. Even if you are not exercising, you will receive guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.

Training, coaching, therapy

At Active Club, "training, coaching and therapy" is one. If you have a physical problem, we will take that into account in the training. Therapeutic exercises for a certain condition then go together with exercises for other parts of the body. Explanation and execution of the exercises are essential and are coached enthusiastically. Quality is above quantity!


  • Personal Training
  • Medical training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Coaching
  • Rehabilitation in oncology, cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes
Graded activity

We'll start with what you can do and not what you can't. Even if you think you can't handle it, we start at your level.

  • Mindfullness
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Pilates
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Energy Control
  • Running Therapie