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Energy Balance: energy in = energy out.

To get fit it is important that you eat and drink healthy and not more than you need. What, how much and at what time of the day determines what will happen with this food. Through a nutritional analysis and a body analysis we can investigate how this has been stated for you.  The quantity, time of day and composition of what we eat and drink are important starting points. We often eat and drink just a little more than necessary, whereby the ratio between carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals is usually not correct. The moment we eat can also be essential whether we store the energy in fat or burn it.

Energy from food intake must be equal to the need for energy for muscle building, basic burning (heartbeat, body temperature, etc.), movement and exercise. Through a food diary and special software we can analyze what and how much you get in energy and nutrients. We use body analysis to determine your body composition and to deduce what you need. Thirdly, there is the movement analysis: how much do you use for keeping and moving.  Through these different analyzes we can advise you on what you should do or should not do. Often it is about subtle adjustments on both the food side and the exercise side. Our coaches are happy to help you! With possibly extra attention from the "Fridge Coach", Sabine Leijten, orthomolecular nutritionist, who can make a tailor-made plan for you. Look at

No time for a healthy meal? You can order healthy, freshly prepared meals at our location in Amsterdam (Eindhoven coming soon).

You can do that via “Tessa’s meal prep service”

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