Medische training

Medical training & Physiotherapy

“Sport as a medicine”

Both physical and psychological complaints are positively influenced by movement, provided that they are dosed and performed correctly.  Even if you have a physical condition or illness, it is also good to move. Sports often also works as a medicine! It is not about what you cannot do, but what you can do. The dosage is then very important. We ensure that it is tailored precisely to your level.  Various disorders can be treated excellently with us. There are programs for oncology, burnout, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart failure, depression and of course all joint and muscle complaints. You can count on the expertise of our physiotherapists and personal coaches. They give you confidence in moving again.

Treatment methods are: “Graded Activity”, “Breathing therapy”, “Burn-out recovery and prevention”, “Recovery with oncology and heart problems”, “Running Therapy”, manual therapy, physical therapy. Depending on your health insurance, the costs are (partially) reimbursed.


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Rehabilitation for Oncology, Heart Rehabilitation, and Diabetes

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