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Personal training

"Fitness with a personal Touch"

Work on what you find important. Resolving and preventing complaints, but also working towards a specific goal.

Flexibility & Balance

Varied training consisting of exercises aimed at flexibility of muscles and joints with challenging exercises to practice body balance as well as the stability of joints of the legs, spine and arms. Important for a relaxed, straight position that can be sustained for a long time.

Core Training

Functional exercises in which especially muscles of the trunk are trained. Core stability is particularly needed to transfer forces from legs to arms (and vice versa) and to prevent back problems. A solid trunk musculature also helps you with good posture. We use "Queenax" and "Kinesis" exercises.

Condition training

Mainly to train the condition of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. From calm to intensive training where raising and restoring the heart rate is challenged. Training on bicycle, treadmill, cross trainer, rowing ergometer, ski ergometer and stairmaster.


We use yoga, pilates, mindfulness, breathing exercices for different trainings, but these are also given in groups (maximum 8 people).

Interval Training

Exercises with your own body and small exercise materials. The pace of the exercises is high and they must be performed within a certain time. Also "crossfit" and "HIIT" trainings are included. Skillmill, skillrun, airbike and ski ergometer are nice training devices that we provide.

Strength, shape & muscle tone

Training of muscles on strength and muscle tension. Specific muscles but also muscle groups, muscle chains or compound exercises in which multiple muscle groups are trained simultaneously. Exercises are done with Matrix and Technogym equipment for specific muscles.

Muscle Endurance

Exercises with relative little weight and many repetitions.

Maximum Power

If you really want to increase your strength, we can test and train your maximum power. Also called "overload" training. Super sets with a lot of variation in weight and number of repetitions, where you do what you can do to the maximum. Of course within all safety standards for healthy exercise.


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