Lifestyle Coaching

We are happy to help you adjust your lifestyle. This can be done by making subtle changes. Often you do not have to make much effort to become fitter and healthier. Active Club also cooperates with nutrition experts, who take you by the hand in the field of nutrition and present you with a customized nutrition schedule.

Most people cannot get fit, stay fit or be fit all by themselves. Our coaches inspire and guide you with every visit. In consultation with you, we make a plan of action that is tailored to your personal physical situation. The main purpose of this plan of action is the implementation of your training courses. Together we work on your physical power, stamina, flexibility and any injuries you might have. Training forms that we use include cardio training, crossfit, pilates, medical training, yoga and balance & core training.


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Active Club Amsterdam and Eindhoven is the place for fitness and personal training. At Active Club you are assured of the best guidance and the personal attention that is needed to make you achieve your goals. All new members start with a Free Try Out.